“Aurea” Mp3 Album + Digital Booklet

“Aurea” Mp3 Album + Digital Booklet


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Nominated for a 2009 GRAMMY® award for “Best Latin Jazz Album”, Áurea is a groundbreaking recording of folkloric Afro-Peruvian and Argentinian music mixed with jazz, featuring today’s hottest players from around the globe. In an effort to give back, we’re donating 10% of sales to help impoverished families in Latin America, with gifts of livestock via Heifer International. We’ve donated three llamas already.

Includes: Hi-quality (320kbps) Mp3s + digital booklet.



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1. Cayendo Para Arriba // Áurea
  1. 1. Cayendo Para Arriba // Áurea
  2. 2. Una Bruja Buena // Áurea
  3. 3. La Flor Azul // Áurea
  4. 4. Arana Amarilla // Áurea
  5. 5. Leucadia // Áurea
  6. 6. La Nostalgiosa // Áurea
  7. 7. Miraflores // Áurea
  8. 8. Vidala De Lucho // Áurea